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We have been blending essential oils for over 25 years! Our powerful formulas have been created by a team of experts, including a medical herbalist, a creative perfumer, a biologist, and an aromatherapy chemist, to help relieve the stresses of day to day life. 

Perimenopause Awareness

For our launch collection we have developed three pure essential oil blends, carefully designed to help relieve symptoms of perimenopause, allowing you to live better, happier, calmer - morning, noon and night.

We’re in this together, let’s smash it!


'Easing Aches'
For achy muscles & joints
Launching 1st March, 2022!


The Blend x NMRWC
Raising money for the breast cancer charity Future Dreams


Pure Organic Essential Oil Blends

Chose from Bringing Balance, Finding Calm or Better Sleep. Available as Trio Pack or individually

Three beautiful, pure, organic essential oil blends designed to help relieve symptoms of perimenopause/menopause.

Our Rollerball Trio set features blends formulated to help support:

Bringing Balance, 10ml: An exacting blend of pure essential oils featuring rose and clary-sage to help you find equilibrium

Finding Calm, 10ml: A carefully crafted blend of pure essential oils featuring Spearmint and lavender, to help you find your inner calm

Better Sleep, 10ml: A dreamy blend of pure essential oils featuring lavender and neroli, to help you drift off…


 3 Simple Steps 


Kick-start your day with Bringing Balance. This rich, grounding blend helps to balance hormones, so you feel ready for the day ahead. You got this! 


When things are getting hectic, our Finding Calm blend will help get you back on track. Take a minute and a few deep breaths and let the natural healing properties of our organic essential oils do their thing.


Let the indulgent, soothing aroma of our Better Sleep blend work its magic and feel the worries of the day slide away. 


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