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Happy New Year! Now, it is very tempting at the start of new year to make innumerable promises about all the things you’re not going to do, or all the things you definitely will do, such as, ‘This year I’m going to… give up chocolate, go to the gym everyday, get a new job, learn a new language…’ and so on. And whilst setting new years’ resolutions is an admirable thing to do, it can sometimes lead to disappointment when extenuating circumstances (or willpower) interferes with our best intentions.

So this year don't put too much pressure on yourself! Instead, why not make a creating a new mindset your resolution. Why not decide that this will be the year when you start to make all your dreams come true! This year why not discover what it is you really love doing? Why not delve inside and see what it is that really brings you joy. Find out what your purpose is, what feels ‘right’ and start to live it!

There’s no denying that if we live with purpose, success is sure to follow. This is all down to the Law of Attraction - what we put out we receive back. So if we are doing what we love, we radiate positive energy, we attract the same energy back. If we live in abundance, we manifest abundance. If we live with negativity and following the ‘this will never work’ mantra, then the chances are life is going to be HARD work! But how do we know what our purpose is? And how do we get into the mindset for manifesting all the universe has to offer?

Ideally your life purpose incorporates the things that bring you joy. The Japanese call this Ikigai, the concept of following your joy. Living with a purposeful, meaningful life is good for our mental and physical health and can help us connect with others. Sounds good to us! So often in the Western world we feel there needs to be a trade off between ‘work’, making money and ‘joy’, what brings us happiness, the two things in most instances are two separate concepts. But this doesn’t have to be the case - we need a new mindset! Here are some ways to help find your passion and your purpose.

Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins says the two things keeping you from finding your purpose are:

  1. Certainty - although routines can be helpful, staying in our comfort zone can limit growth.

  2. Limiting beliefs - our thoughts are powerful, negative thinking hinders finding happiness.

Here are Tony’s top tips for finding our purpose:

  1. Search Inwards - how can I be happy? Everything you need is already inside you. Don’t look for external validation and answers, look inward for the things that bring you joy.

  2. Think about what brings you joy - Explore your passions - what are your interests? Think about what you’re good at and what brings you joy when you do them. Where can you lose hours? Is it writing, helping others, organising things, or decorating your home? It’s possible the thing(s) you do without effort is your purpose.

  3. Be flexible - Let go of the things that no longer serve us. This can be hard but you must learn to listen and follow your intuition and let go of those things that drain your energy. Spend time with people who inspire you - spend time with people who are positive, purpose-driven and those that inspire you. These people may open new doors or a new perspective on what you’re already doing.

  4. Focus on what you have - develop an abundance mindset - really take a look at what you already have - your new perspective will help open your mind to new possibilities.

  5. Take ownership of your life - to find your purpose, you must decide what’s truly right, and know it in your heart and soul. You must not let yourself be driven by fear or anxiety.

The universe is unfolding perfectly. I don’t have to hang on. I can relax and let go. I can go with the flow. I trust my own process. I always have everything I need. I have all the love I need within my own heart. I am a lovable and loving person. I am whole in myself. Divine love is guiding me and I am always taken care of. The universe always provides.” Shakti Gawain,

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023

Love Trudie & Vicky x

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