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This month I am thrilled to bring you a guest blog by the fabulous and gorgeous Sophie Ritchie. Friend of The Blend, founder of Disco BarreTM, The Lotte Berk Technique advocate and owner of the most hypnotic hips in East London! Find out how Sophie keeps in shape, body, mind and soul and her top tips for navigating the challenges of daily life. Thank you so much Sophie - we love your moves! Trudie & Sophie xx


I am 44 years old and uncertain as to whether I have hit the perimenopause yet or not? I definitely haven’t experienced any symptoms, which could be down to luck or it could hit me soon like a tonne of bricks. What I chose to believe, however, is that it’s due to my profession...

I am the founder of Disco BarreTM, which is a hardcore barre concept, with music, moves and vibes inspired by the dance floor and my love for electronic music culture. I am also trained in The Lotte Berk Technique. Lotte invented barre fitness over 60 years ago and I was trained by her daughter, Esther Fairfax. Due to legal reasons I have rebranded it The Barre Lineage. I have a studio in Dalston, London, where both classes are taught and it is the combination of both of these classes that I believe holds a key to youth.

The Barre Lineage is especially perfect for women entering midlife and works on many different levels; the physical, mindful, energetic and erotic.


It is low impact, so is easy on joints and it has one of the most effective core sections out there. I choose not to focus on weight loss when promoting my classes and prefer to focus on how it makes you feel, not look, but, inches will be shaved from your waist, which is very important as we get older as excess abdominal fat is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Joseph Pilates famously said you are only as strong as your spine and the core and mobility work we do are insane. You just move better. Posture, flexibility and mobility is improved, but it also gives something else - a little spring in your step and you want to dance and you will dance a lot better, believe me. Dancing and music keep me from feeling old for sure!.


Despite the power of the movement, the class is also deeply meditative as it focuses on such small parts of you in isolation, so you will find that you don’t think of anything else during the hour. You will connect to your body in quite profound ways and I have noticed my neural pathways have strengthened and I find it easier to learn new things.


This element is what I get really excited about and what I want clients to really tune into. There is a spark that is ignited with regular practice which I liken to a kundalini awakening. Life force, sex energy, serpent energy, whatever you want to call it or believe, it is generated by a lot of the movements. A lot of the work is done in a pelvic tilt - either moving in and out of it or staying constantly in it on the ground and this definitely brings the blood to your genitals. Yes, it makes you horny! And because of this and a particular exercise I do in the inner spirit section, orgasms are definitely stronger.

Both classes inspire empowerment and sensuality and will help you gain a deeper understanding of how you take up space in your environment and feel VISIBLE, which is the ultimate sign of confidence.


  • Journalling/morning pages. I really notice the difference in my week when I brain dump daily.

  • CBD oil products from I used to only have about 5 hours sleep a night and now it's 7.5 thanks to these guys. They have a new range of skin care which is giving me a real glow too, plus their muscle and joint rub is a literal miracle. I also get full dream recall when using them and I like to keep a dream diary, which is a great way to learn about your inner world. They currently have 20% off site wide.

  • Virtual crate digging. I love having a night to myself to discover new music to play in class.

  • Taking myself off to see some live dance or music or an inspiring film. Anything that will encourage my creative juices to flow. I particularly love a good music documentary or anything about anyone who was top of their game in any field.

  • A music festival or great night out to dance and connect with my tribe of music lovers. I will never grow out of this.

  • Walking in my local park with my dog, Flea. There may be tree hugging. I LOVE TREES.

  • London. This crazy metropolis inspires me every day.


I have an On Demand platform which is £22.22 a month

I am also running an intro offer at the studio of £60 for 14 days of unlimited classes


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