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Hannah Betts, The Daily Mail, Aug 2021

'Provides heavenly relief from perimenopause symptoms.'

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‘The Blend has become my daily armour in supporting me as I enter this next stage of life as a woman. Their oils are the start and end of my day and a firm favourite in my daily routine. Their unique blends and beautiful designed applicators just makes me feel better’!

- Britta, UK, Aug 2021


'I just love the trio set of 'The Blend' essential oils. They have become a part of my daily ritual,  and my day isn’t complete if I forget applying them on my skin pulses.

They all smell divine and I love smelling them constantly after I applied them on. Beware, the fragrances  are quite addictive!! My favourite one is the ‘Better sleep’, it lulls me to a deeper state of sleep and I feel very well rested in the morning. The other two blends is as equally amazing!!

I love the calming effect and the beautiful scents. Amazing products and highly recommended to everyone. In fact, I would buy another one  for myself as they’re nearly out. And will buy another one for my friend as a birthday present.'

- Farrah, UK, Aug 2021


Bringing Balance - a gentle blend of oils that brought my balance back when I feel I am running in the air, and trying to harness my emotions during menopause.

Finding Calm: This blend of oils bring peace to my inner chaos and I need to face the day with meetings, and responsibilities that overwhelms me at times.

Better sleep: a soothing blend of oils that soothes the sleepless nights I have to face during menopause's night sweats and unexplained anxieties.
- Marle, UK, Aug 2021


I have used various oils over the years. Having tried many roll ons and never quite found the right fit I was recommended to try The Blend. I am a sucker for packaging so instantly loved how they looked, perfect size and they have a real quality about them and feel very luxurious. All three scents are divine. I struggle with sleep, particularly falling asleep. I have used the Better Sleep every night and drift off into the deepest of sleeps and stay that way until the early hours. This oil has now become an every day night-time staple for me. I love it!

Alex, UK, Sept 2021 


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